Android File Transfer是macOS系统下用于在手机-电脑间传输文件的工具,然而,这个工具默认是每一次将手机连接至电脑,都会自动启动,非常恼人。本文介绍了如何将自启动关闭的方法。


Android File Transfer Auto Launches


  1. Close Android File Transfer
  2. Open Activity Monitor and kill “Android File Transfer Agent”
  3. Go to where you installed “Android File” (I have it under /Applications)
  4. Right click and –> “Show package contents”
  5. Go to Contents/Resources
  6. Rename “Android File Transfer Agent” to e.g. “Android File Transfer Agent_DISABLED”
  7. Then go to “/Users/username/Library/Application Support/Google/Android File Transfer” and again rename the Agent app.. “Android File Transfer Agent_DISABLED”.